Ghosts, Tinnitus, Parallel Realities, and Markers


Ghosts, Tinnitus, Parallel Realities, and EMFHave you noticed odd noises – hisses, soft ringing sounds, clicking, or even humming – at haunted sites?

Medical professionals call the condition “tinnitus,” and suggest that it’s health-related.

But… for some of us – sometimes – those odd sounds seem connected with paranormal activity.

What if SOME tinnitus is a marker, signaling a time or location (or both) where the “veil between the worlds” is thinner?

Or when portals – doorways between realities – are open?

This could be a temporary opening or something more permanent.

I’m especially interested in whether changes in tinnitus – a legitimate health issue that (normally) affects about 10% of the population – can (in some cases) indicate increased EMF.

Or, if those noises are markers in themselves.

Of course, I’m not the only person to question a tinnitus-EMF connection. For example, people have been discussing the connection at sites such as Tinnitus Talk.

In fact, I may be fairly late to this party, as I’ve found a study that concludes, “Our data indicate that tinnitus is associated with subjective electromagnetic hypersensitivity.”

Have paranormal investigators seen any connection between tinnitus and activity at haunted sites? I’d like your opinion.

It’s something to consider. (Then again, it may lead us nowhere. After all, coincidence is not always causation.)

This article originally appeared in 2015 at, Fiona’s first ghost hunting website.

2 thoughts on “Ghosts, Tinnitus, Parallel Realities, and Markers”

  1. I’m glad to see this site back, Fiona. You have seemed awfully concerned about being taken seriously, in the past, and it seems that had something to do with why you closed up this website, before. Don’t worry so much about it. As long as you are interested in these kinds of subjects you’re not going to be taken seriously by an awful lot of people just because you have an interest. (well, unless you conquer the world, establish a totalitarian dictatorship – Fionaland? – and force everyone to take these subjects seriously…) I liked, I’m glad it is back, and I hope to see more bizarre ideas coming, in the future, on this site.

    1. Hi, Mark! I’m impressed that you found this site so quickly. (Weirdly – or not – your comment didn’t show up until today.) And… yes, this site is going to vanish, again. It was a whim while I’m deciding where to invest my time/energy/resources. Now, I’m already trimming this site’s content.

      In general, while I think most paranormal researchers (including me) would like to be taken seriously, I’ve (mostly) abandoned that aspiration. Currently, I’m looking at establishing a legacy. I want this information to be available for future researchers, at a time when it may seem more credible. So, with that in mind, I’m starting to dismantle this site and expand the content into a book on the topic.

      I’m also leaning in to this concept with my own research. That will be part of a new site that’s more about experience than theory. ( will remain a how-to site for new and intermediate ghost hunters. New researchers tend to like to see their experiences/senses confirmed with ghost hunting devices, and… well, that was interesting for a while, but the more lasting impressions come from trusting that “sixth sense” and appreciating each encounter with the unknown. Or what’s “unknown,” for now.)

      I’ll contact you privately with updates. 😉

      Cheerfully, Fiona

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