Time slips, shadow people, portals, and ghosts…

What are they? And why do we find so many EMF anomalies at haunted sites?

Let’s consider all possibilities.

Ghosts, Tinnitus, Parallel Realities, and EMF

Ghosts, Tinnitus, Parallel Realities, and Markers

  Have you noticed odd noises – hisses, soft ringing sounds, clicking, or even humming – at haunted sites? Medical professionals call the condition “tinnitus,” and suggest that it’s health-related. But… for some of us – sometimes – those odd sounds seem connected with paranormal activity. What if SOME tinnitus is a marker, signaling a … Continue reading "Ghosts, Tinnitus, Parallel Realities, and Markers"

Ghost hunting, portals, and EMF surges

Ghost Hunting, Portals, and EMF Surges

Prepare yourself. This is a geeky, WEIRD topic. What if some EMF readings don’t indicate ghosts? Maybe those EMF surges signal a ghost portal, an opening between the worlds, or even a time-slip. Until the early 2000s, I rarely talked about this. Even now, I know how “out there” this can sound. But… researchers with … Continue reading "Ghost Hunting, Portals, and EMF Surges"

Ghosts, time slips, and parallel realities

Ghosts, Time Slips, and Parallel Realities

What if what we think is a ghost… IS SOMETHING ELSE? I know. That sounds a little crazy. But maybe it isn’t. And, if this is real, the possibilities are exciting. It might explain some residual energy hauntings. It could be why some ghosts insist they’re still alive. And – at some locations (time, space, … Continue reading "Ghosts, Time Slips, and Parallel Realities"

EMF - Stronger than gravity?

EMF – Stronger Than Gravity?

Gravity is a major force. But, is EMF an even stronger force? And how could that affect ghost hunting? Is it possible that some ghosts are CATCHING AN EMF WAVE and “surfing” into our reality on it? Okay, this is geeky. And very speculative. I’m reading about a “fifth force” and how electromagnetic energy is … Continue reading "EMF – Stronger Than Gravity?"

Are EMF surges really ghosts?

EMF Reality Check – Are EMF Spikes Really Ghosts?

At haunted sites, ghost hunters look for unusual electromagnetic fields (EMF). Many ghost hunters think the ghosts create that EMF energy. I’m not certain that’s true. Assume that humans have at least two parts: a physical body and a spiritual presence. The spirit lives on, perhaps as a ghost. But, in life, why don’t those … Continue reading "EMF Reality Check – Are EMF Spikes Really Ghosts?"

Is EMF leaking INto our universe?

What if EMF is Leaking Into Our Universe?

Can ghost hunters learn something from gravity? Maybe. Scientists aren’t sure where gravity comes from. Maybe it’s leaking into our universe, OR… Perhaps it’s leaking out of our universe. So, how does that apply to ghost hunting…? Here’s how: The same “leaking” between universes might explain elevated EMF at haunted locations. If you’ve seen the … Continue reading "What if EMF is Leaking Into Our Universe?"

Ghosts, shadow people, and molecules

Ghosts, Shadow People, and Molecules

What if “shadow people” are similar to us, but have a different kind of body? And what if many (or all) ghostly apparitions are similar to them? Physics has vast applications to ghost hunting. Today, I’m thinking about molecules and the ways some ghosts interact with our world. In a nutshell, what if apparitions (including … Continue reading "Ghosts, Shadow People, and Molecules"

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