Time slips, shadow people, portals, and ghosts…

What are they? And why do we find so many EMF anomalies at haunted sites?

Let’s consider all possibilities.

For about a month, this site was a placeholder for my weird & offbeat theories that some ghosts aren’t “dead people.”

But, seeing the traffic to (and from) this website, I’ve realized a website may not be the best format for this information. People seem to visit, read just one article (or part of it) and then… they’re gone. (Yes, I can see how many unique visitors see which of my articles, how long they stay, and so on.)

So, I’m planning to update and expand these articles – with lots more supporting (and conflicting) research by others – in book format. It’s probably the best way to understand what I’m talking about.

Meanwhile, one article remains – though it, too, will probably vanish early in September 2021: Ghosts, Tinnitus, Parallel Realities, and Markers.

Here’s an old video, from the original version of this website:

Broome Theory